Healthcare professionals

At Medtronic Diabetes, helping your patients is a life-long partnership.

Your patients count on you for guiding their diabetes management and we want you to count on us. As a good partner, our job is to help you provide optimal diabetes care.

Medtronic Diabetes

  • Provides you with a dedicated sales and clinical support team
  • Can provide you with a structured education programme
  • Delivers world-class patient care with 24hr product support
  • Is here for the long-term - we are truely commitment to diabetes research with more than 10% of annual revenues in research and development – 12 times the investment in 2004 than any other pump manufacturer

Of course, we continue to maintain the very best team of trained professionals, all of whom are there to assist you in your practice, detail the latest breakthroughs and provide the best one-on-one training.

Dedicated information for you

The Healthcare Professional Portal is a secure section of the website dedicated specially to you. With clinical studies, presentations, resources, pump therapy education, web-inars and more. Register above for access now and have the information that you need for your pateints at your finger tips.