What is hypoglycaemia?

Real life stories

Hypoglycaemia can be one of the biggest concerns for people with Type 1 diabetes, especially during the night, when it is more difficult to recognise low levels of blood glucose (lows).
Anyone with Type 1 diabetes can experience unexpected lows. One of the main goals of diabetes management is to achieve target HbA1c levels safely, without increasing the risk of hypoglycaemia (hypos).   
Read the real-life stories of other people with Type 1 diabetes and discover how they have found their way to better control and fewer hypos.


In better control with his pump since 2011

At the beginning, when I was on MDI, I could never tell when my hypos were coming. Once, in town, I just fell to the pavement. I still remember people avoiding me and walking away, probably thinking I was drunk. I had to drag myself home all alone. I had heard about many positive experiences with pump therapy so, after a long period of having hypos, I asked my doctor if I could try it. Now, I wear a MiniMed Veo insulin pump all the time and I’ve almost forgotten what hypos are.
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