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Customer support

MiniMed Care and eShop account administration

Why register?

MiniMed Care

By registering for MiniMed Care you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Being the first to hear about latest research and breakthrough products
  • Regular tips and tricks for easier diabetes management
  • Access to free interactive learning modules and tailored content for pump users

Shop Online account

An online shop account lets you access our online product catalogue and place orders for both funded and non-funded products online! If you have registered for Minimed Care, you can instantly access our online Shop using the same login details. It is possible to place orders immediately if they are paid via credit card. You can also place orders for products that are paid for by Public Health Insurance. To do so, you will be asked to complete your account with additional personal information, such as insurance details and sometimes prescription details. The moment we have received these additional details, please allow another 2-3 working days for us to set up your account, before you can start shopping.

Who can register?

All MiniMed pump users can register for Minimed Care.

Creating an online shop account is possible if you are a pump user or the parent of a pump user. It’s also possible for a Health Care Professional to request an online account on behalf of a patient.

You can create an account by registering online:

Register here

What is needed to set up or change my account?

To register for Minimed Care, simply provide your personal details and the serial number of your MiniMed pump, which can be found on the back of the device.

If you would like to use our Shop to place orders for products that are paid via credit card, we only need your personal details such as First & Last Name, Street address & House number, Postal Code and City.
If you would like to place orders for products that are paid for by Public Health Insurance, we need to have a funding approval form from your Health Care Provider. Simply submit your account creation request, after which we will verify your information and confirm when your online account has been successfully created. This might take 2-3 working days, before you can start shopping.

Changing your account details

You can make changes to your online account via ‚My Account‘, Pump User details‘. Certain fields (such as residence address or your pump serial number) cannot be changed online as they might impact your reimbursement setup. If you would like make a change to a field that you cannot change online, please download the ‚change request form‘ on the page, which you can submit via e-mail to diabetesuk_fundingmgmt@medtronic.com

Alternative shipping address

You can choose your orders to be shipped to your residence address, or to one of up to three shipping addresses attached to your profile. Please visit the ‘My Account, ‘Address book’ section where you can add, edit, or delete shipping addresses, or simply when you are finalizing your order on the checkout page.

Forgot your user name?

Your email address is your user name. If you have forgotten the e-mail address of your account, please send an e-mail message to our customer service team at diabetesuk@medtronic.com including your First & Last name, date of birth and address details as listed in your account profile. We will try to find your eShop account details for you.

Forgot your Password?

If you forget the password for your Medtronic eShop Account, please click ‘Forgot Password
on the Sign-in page and follow next steps to set up a new Password.

You will receive a confirmation  when your new Password is successfully set up.

My Account is locked, what should I do?

Medtronic uses automatic account locking as a security measure to protect accounts from unauthorized access. Sometimes you can become temporarily locked out of your own account as a result. If you (or someone else) uses the wrong password five or more times when attempting to sign in to your account, the account is locked, for your protection, for 1 hour.

Once the lockout time has expired, your password should work as usual.

Terminating your eShop account

If you wish to terminate your eShop Account, please send an e-mail message to our customer service team at diabetesuk@medtronic.com including your First & Last name, date of birth and address details as listed in your account profile.

We will de-activate your account as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we will erase all your data, so you will need to sign up as a new customer should you change your mind at a later stage. Alternatively, if you wish to change your communications settings, please do so by signing-in to your account.


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