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Minimed™ Mio™ Advance Infusion Set

a simple change for the better

The Minimed™ Mio™ Advance Infusion Set is designed with a pre-loaded inserter for quicker and easier set changes that require fewer steps.1,2

Easier faster hassle-free1 Works with major pump brands with luer-lock or Minimed connectors including Medtronic, Roche and Animas®.3


Peel adhesive

Pinch & remove safety pint

Place on body

Press the button



  • 90° soft Teflon cannula.
  • Pre-loaded inserter.
  • Hidden needle before and after use.
  • Can be used with Medtronic pumps and any non-Medtronic pump with a luer-lock connector.
  • Audible “click” indicates secure connection with Medtronic ‘P’ cap.


  • To optimise insulin absorption, reduce insulin degradation and prevent set obstruction, change your MiniMed Mio Advance and reservoir every 2 to 3 days, or as per your healthcare professional’s instructions.
  • Successful pump therapy relies on proper care and protection of the infusion site. Visit Medtronic Site Management to learn more.

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