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CGM Advanced Protection Loyalty Scheme

This Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Loyalty Scheme is designed to reward our MiniMed® 640G & MiniMed® Veo customers who purchase Enlite® sensors themselves and not via the NHS.

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Loyalty Scheme options:

Sign up to order one box of 5 Enlite sensors (MMT-7008A) per month for a fixed period of time and receive one of the below exclusive discount schemes.

Simply select the discount scheme that you wish to sign up for and submit an application form. Terms and conditions apply.



  • duration: 6 months
  • discount: 12.7%
  • cost per pack: £240
  • cost per sensor: £48



  • duration: 9 months
  • discount: 23.6%
  • cost per pack: £210
  • cost per sensor: £42



  • duration: 12 months
  • discount: 23.6%
  • cost per pack: £210
  • cost per sensor: £42

Free transmitter worth £490

Go for platinum and receive a free transmitter worth £490


* Note a Medtronic CGM transmitter (Guardian® 2 Link or MiniLink®) is required for the use of Enlite.

Sign up now

  1. 1 Click here to download and complete the loyalty scheme application form
  2. 2 Select the scheme you wish to sign up for
  3. 3 Click submit
  4. 4 You will receive an email to notify you that your registration is complete and you can begin to order

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Terms & conditions and references

  • 1You must be a UK MiniMed Care or a MiniMed eShop Registered patient to be eligible for this loyalty scheme.
  • 2You must be a UK MiniMed Veo or MiniMed 640G user.
  • 3Only one loyalty scheme can be selected per UK MiniMed customer and this cannot be changed until the existing scheme has been completed.
  • 4These discount schemes are only available to UK MiniMed customers privately funding their Enlite® sensors and not eligible for funding on the NHS.
  • 5One box of 5 Enlite sensors must be purchased per month for this discount to be valid. If one box of five Enlite sensors is not purchased each month for the duration of the selected scheme (Silver-6 months, Gold-9 months, Platinum-12 months) the discount will be cancelled and the customer will be liable to pay the full amount of £275 per box of 5 sensors on all future purchases.
  • 6To be eligible for the free transmitter after 12 months with the Platinum package you must have ordered 5 sensors a month for 12 months and sign up for a further 12 months from the start date listed above.
  • 7A Medtronic CGM transmitter (Guardian® 2 Link or MiniLink) is required for the use of Enlite at the cost of the user.
  • 8Please note that the Enlite sensor is 6 day wear and the shelf life is 6 months.
  • 9You must consult your Healthcare Professional and be trained in how to use CGM before purchasing the Enlite sensor.
  • 10This Loyalty scheme is only available for applications before the 30th April 2017
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  • iii) Choudhary P, Olsen BS, Conget I, Vorrink L, Shin JJ, Lee SW, Kaufman FR. Performance of the predictive low glucose management feature of the MiniMed 640G system in a user evaluation study [abstract]. Diabetes. 2015; 64 (suppl 1):A277.


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