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MiniMed™ Paradigm Veo™ Insulin Pumps

We currently provide the MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump as standard. However, some patients may still be offered the MiniMed™ Paradigm Veo™ insulin pump by some Hospitals. This is the previous model of insulin pump developed by Medtronic and offers the following features:
  • Available in 'smoke' 7 series only
  • Pre-programmed calculator (Bolus Wizard™)
  • Lowest Basal rates [Units] 0.025
  • Basal rate increments [Units] 0.025
  • Max number of basal rates per day 48
  • Max number of basal patterns 8
  • Temporary Basal rate
  • Smallest bolus [Units] 0.025
  • Largest bolus [Units] 75
  • Zero basal rate
  • Insulin given for Carbohydrates excluded from Al (active insulin)
  • Extended bolus options
  • Reservoirs (3.0ml & 1.8ml)
  • Range of angled and tubing length infusion sets available
  • Keypad Lock
  • Accessories available for children and adults
  • Integrated Blood Glucose Meter (Wireless)
  • Manually Enter Blood Glucose Reading
  • Integrated CGM with Low Glucose Suspend
The Paradigm Veo™ does not have the following capabilities of the MiniMed™ 640G system:
  • SmartGuard (predictive suspend before low) capability
  • 'Favourite' temporary basal rates and boluses cannot be saved
  • Remote bolus from the Blood Glucose Meter
  • LCD coloured screen
  • Quick view icons
  • Water resistant but not Waterproof
  • Transmitter is the MiniLink Transmitter (and not the Guardian 2 Link Transmitter)
  • A seperate CareLink USB dongle is required to download pump data into the CareLink software

Talk with your diabetes healthcare team to dIscuss which insulin pump meets your individual needs.

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