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Welcome to My MiniMed Care blog. Here you can find diabetes related information and success stories from others living with diabetes. Click to navigate through the topics below: Diabetes tips & tricks, Lifestyle, Products and Food & Drink.

Think Feet First This Summer

With the warmer weather here, our feet are probably out on show a bit more than usual. Take a look at at our top tips for looking after your feet this summer!
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Holiday Travelling with Diabetes - Things to Consider

The holiday season is just starting and many people are thinking about their next 'getaway'.  We asked Sue Marshall, founder and editor of the online Desang Diabetes Magazine (www.desang-magazine.co.uk) who lives with Type 1 diabetes for her thoughts on what people should consider when travelling.
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Button Errors!

Some of the most frequent calls we get to our Product Support team shows that Stuck Button Errors / Unresponsive Keypad’s is one of the most common issues insulin pump patients face. Here you’ll find some practical tips to prevent the Button Error/Unresponsive Keypad from happening:  
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A Day In The Life...

Debbie Green has had Type 1 Diabetes since she was a little girl. Now in her 30s, she has a busy time managing work, home and all of the normal things in life. Debbie has been using an insulin pump for the last 10 years or so. Most recently the MiniMed™ 640G Insulin Pump. We asked Debbie why the...
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My week off CGM

MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump and CGM user, Jessica tells us of her experience of a week off of CGM…
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It Takes Two: Teaching Your Loved-Ones How to Support Your Diabetes

One of the difficult aspects of being a person with diabetes can sometimes be how it impacts those you love and love you.  Caring about someone involves being concerned with each other’s wellbeing.
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MiniMed Set and Reservoir change frequency: Tips and Suggestions

The clinical evidence supports 2 to 3 days frequency of change for infusion sets and reservoirs. It can sometimes be difficult to remember when set changes need to happen. Read this article written by Mel, where she shares some useful tips that she finds helpful.  
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Real Life with Diabetes: When Every Number Feels Like a Grade

There’s just no way around it: every time we check our blood sugar an inevitable judgment comes with that number. The judgment is telling us we’ve either done a great job in that tiny little moment of the day or we’ve failed miserably.
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