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Button Errors!

Some of the most frequent calls we get to our Product Support team shows that Stuck Button Errors / Unresponsive Keypad’s is one of the most common issues insulin pump patients face. Here you’ll find some practical tips to prevent the Button Error/Unresponsive Keypad from happening:  
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MiniMed Set and Reservoir change frequency: Tips and Suggestions

The clinical evidence supports 2 to 3 days frequency of change for infusion sets and reservoirs. It can sometimes be difficult to remember when set changes need to happen. Read this article written by Mel, where she shares some useful tips that she finds helpful.  
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Real Life with Diabetes: When Every Number Feels Like a Grade

There’s just no way around it: every time we check our blood sugar an inevitable judgment comes with that number. The judgment is telling us we’ve either done a great job in that tiny little moment of the day or we’ve failed miserably.
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Spring Cleaning: Pump And CGM Edition

Welcome to Spring! While many people are going through and cleaning their houses, we thought spring cleaning was a great time to look at how to clean your pump and CGM.
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Diabetes Burnout: Why It’s Absolutely Normal & How to Work Through It - by Ginger Vieira

It goes everywhere you go. It’s there when you wake up in the morning. When you make your breakfast. When you drive to work. When you’re giving a presentation at work. When you’re heading to the gym.
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MiniMed Set and Reservoir change frequency: the personal experience of a person with diabetes like you

Replacing your infusion set and reservoir every 2 to 3 days helps keep good glycaemic control and avoid infusion site problems. Read the experience of Mel, and her journey with diabetes and an insulin pump.
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Top tips for managing fears, anxiety and worry about hypos

By Rosie Walker (RN, BSC (Hons) and MA (Ed)
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The Pursuit of Diabetic Perfection: Creating Realistic Goals You Will Achieve! By Ginger Vieira

Your A1C results just came back at 8.6—at least 1.6 points higher than you’re hoping for. Your fasting blood sugar was 11.1 mmol/L, and the number on the scale was nearly 25 pounds more than your goal weight (and 2 pounds higher than the last time you stepped on a scale).
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