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Spring Cleaning: Pump And CGM Edition

Welcome to Spring! While many people are going through and cleaning their houses, we thought spring cleaning was a great time to look at how to clean your pump and CGM.
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MiniMed Set and Reservoir change frequency: the personal experience of a person with diabetes like you

Replacing your infusion set and reservoir every 2 to 3 days helps keep good glycaemic control and avoid infusion site problems. Read the experience of Mel, and her journey with diabetes and an insulin pump.
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« MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO ». A healthy mind in a healthy body

Playing a sport when you have type1 diabetes is challenging. The challenge begins even before you start! Which sport? How long? What hard should I train? What is my blood sugar? Do I still have active insulin in my blood? These questions quickly discourage us from putting our trainers on. Sometimes...
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Getting the best out of your MiniMed pump - tips & tricks

John Pemberton shares his personal insight around how to get the best out of your MiniMed pump. John has type 1 diabetes and is a Medtronic Health Care Professional, and a registered dietitian. As part of John’s role he works alongside NHS teams to delivers Insulin Pump and CGM training/ Education...
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